hepsor logo

Elīna Ozola
"Hepsor" real estate

We are satisfied, that we chose “Omarketing” as our partner for the creation and publishing of digital content. Personalised care and interest in each customer and their campaign — these are the elements which describe best our commitment to working with you. Thank you!

altero logo

Artūrs Kostins

Our business is based on data analysis, mathematical calculations, and study of customer behaviour – we are a demanding customer. "Omarketing" provides us with systematic reviews and provides uninterrupted improvements in attraction of customers. Employees of the company are result-oriented.

otrapuse logo

Valda Eglīte
Dating website "otrapuse.lv"

Cooperation and communication with “Omarketing” is easy. Always quick response in various situations. I highly appreciate the custom approach to help achieve our company’s goals and we also receive suggestions for further development and improvement of results.

andre motors logo 1

Ansis Auziņš
"ANDRÉ MOTORS" car dealer

“At the beginning of our cooperation, we understood the importance of well-considered arrangements of the advertising campaign. We appreciate that “Omarketing” always finds the most efficient solutions within the framework of our budget. We have gained positive results from our collaboration. “Omarketing” offers online advertising solutions which are most suitable for us.”

nela gems logo omarketing

Nela Streņģe
"Nela Gems" jewellery

“Thank you for your work! Efficient and optimised advertising campaigns were organised. Employees are professional and responsible, they fulfil the entrusted duties in a very appropriate and quick manner. We highly recommend other companies to entrust their online marketing campaigns to “Omarketing”!”

ad rem auto logo omarketing

Zita Īle
Subaru dealer in Latvia "AD REM Auto

“These days, when the online environment is “overcrowded” with advertisements of various kinds, it is much more difficult to reach the target audience. “Omarketing” is of great assistance in making accurate and efficient arrangements for posting advertisements within the specified budget. Communication is quick, regular and positive.”

thomson furniture logo omarketing

Mārtiņš Tomsons
"Thomson Furniture" office furniture

“In our lengthy collaboration with “Omarketing”, we regularly see positive results achieved even at a comparatively low advertising budget. It’s nice to always receive quick responses to our questions and various suggestions to achieve higher results.”

laba maja logo 1

Laura Lietauniece
Construction company "Labamāja"

“We see our collaboration with “Omarketing” as a positive one. Communication is pleasant, and it’s noticeable that employees are responsive and interested in resolving our issues. We recommend collaboration with “Omarketing”, if you want to feel secure that the agency will look after your best interests and try to achieve the best possible results.”

vivex logo omarketing

Agris Eiks
Tile store "ViVeX"

"We've entrusted our online advertising campaigns to the Omarketing team. These regularly improved campaigns have increased traffic to our website and thus attracted new customers. We will definitely continue our cooperation to achieve new goals!"

lex limen logo omarketing

Marta Mežsarga - Krūmiņa
Law office "Lex Limen

“We have been collaborating with “Omarketing” for several years. They arrange advertising campaigns in such a way as to attract real customers, and not only clicks or views. We can feel sure that the company’s marketing will be taken care of – we entrust it to professionals to allow ourselves to focus on our work.”

merks logo omarketing

Dace Tumšā
"Merks" real estate

"Omarketing" took over our active online advertising campaigns, and noticeable improvements followed within a few months. The number of website visitors grew, so did their quality, as well as number of applications. I unequivocally recommend using the services provided by "Omarketing"

ug trans logo

Lauris Upenieks
"UG TRANS" Freight transportation

“We have been working with “Omarketing” for several years, and consider this collaboration a successful one. We continue working only with these marketing specialists, because prices are reasonable and we always receive a professional attitude in return.”

greendeck logo

Mārtiņš Kleinšmits
"Greendeck" decking boards

“We began working with “Omarketing” approximately a year ago and since the very beginning, we have experienced only highly professional, pleasant, and responsive attitudes. The visiting rate of our website has nearly doubled, we are very pleased with our achievements and will certainly continue our collaboration in the future.”

ulla popken logo

Zane Siliņa
Clothing shop "Ulla Popken"

Becoming recognisable and reaching the largest possible circle of customers is in the interests of every company. The best and most efficient tool is appropriate advertising, Omarketing” helps create and provide campaigns of high quality. Always quick, according to our wishes, as well as valuable recommendations and advice on how to implement and improve our ideas. Successful collaboration.”

mc abols lv

Gints Briedis
Printing company "McĀbols"

We decided to begin working with “Omarketing”, despite the fact that we’ve been operating in Latvia for over 25 years. Already in the first few months of working with “Omarketing,”, we saw an increase in the number of new customer requests. We use the advertising options offered by both Google and Facebook. Collaboration is convenient and clear.

ramkalni logo omarketing

Vineta Veismane
Leisure park "Rāmkalni"

“We assessed our previous collaboration as a positive one. “Omarketing’s” staff is responsive, flexible and quickly responds to current circumstances, which helps implement the company’s short and long-term goals.”

doremi logo

Solveiga Eglīte
Kindergarten "DO RE MI"

“We are sincerely satisfied and proud of our collaboration with the “Omarketing” team! You are excellent! Collaboration with you is based on quality, responsiveness, stability, positive communication, precision, and detailed reports! You know how to find a successful and positive solution in every situation! We are proud, and we will definitely continue working with you! Good luck!”

mascus logo

Kristīne Dūdiņa- Veidemane
Heavy and special machinery trade website "Mascus"

Cooperation and communication with “Omarketing” is easy. Always quick response in various situations. I highly appreciate the custom approach to help achieve our company’s goals and we also receive suggestions for further development and improvement of results.

castprint logo

Jānis Oliņš
Medical innovation company "CastPrint"

“Cooperation with “Omarketing” has helped us significantly improve society’s awareness of our solution. Thanks to their individual approach and analysis of results, we have noticed a stable increase in demand. I certainly recommend working with “Omarketing” for the achievement of your goals.”

saules puke bernudarzs

Sanita Mihējeva
Kindergarten "Saulespuķe"

“Representatives of the company “Omarketing” are very responsive and friendly. Technical works are performed in a professional and operative manner. Individual approach. The company offers several recommendations in distribution of advertisement and follows the marketing process on a regular basis. We have established a successful collaboration.”

ipaka logo

Roberts Mazkalniņš
"Ipaka" courier and delivery services

“We work with “Omarketing” because we like the quality of their service. Reports and information on required changes are always provided in a timely manner. Service price is friendly, and the company’s specialists are responsive and precise.”


You are only one step away from taking your company’s digital marketing to the next level.

    enjoy logo

    Armands Kauss
    "Enjoy Recruitment" recruitment

    “We consider our collaboration as outstanding, and we feel significant support from the company. Omarketing online advertising campaigns help us attract both local and foreign customers. Cooperation and communication with the company’s representatives is easy. Reports on performed campaigns are provided in a detailed and timely manner.

    salons objekts logo e1696858703107

    Gundega Šimkuse
    Interior design studio "Salons objekts"

    “During our customer surveys, we found that the majority of actual customers found us online thanks to our “Omarketing” online advertising campaigns. Therefore we have chosen to entrust the organisation of our advertising campaigns to “Omarketing”, which provides us with new customers and high return on investment.”

    mebelhaus logo

    Agris Bajārs
    Furniture shop "Mebelhaus"

    “For a certain period of time, our Google Ads advertising campaigns are under the management of “Omarketing”. Things go fine, so, overall, we are satisfied with the received service, we plan to continue our cooperation with “Omarketing” and highly recommend others to do the same.

    mkbc tour logo

    Vera Golubeva
    "MKBC TOUR" travel agency

    “We are very satisfied with our collaboration with “Omarketing”. Targeted traffic to the site increased significantly, as well as number of applications from customers. Effective work and considerate attitude. Thank you!”

    colliers logo

    Kristīne Spundiņa
    "Colliers International Advisors" real estate

    “We use “Omarketing”, because we are results-oriented, and they are too. We are delighted with their responsiveness and professional attitude, as well as their true interest in the customer’s situation and the quality of the offered solutions.”

    linearis translations logo

    Elīza Murāne
    "Linearis translations" translation agency

    “We use “Omarketing”, because they understand our goals and recommend the best solutions to achieve them. Their team is always responsive to new ideas and engages itself fully in their implementation, and frequently comes up with their own proposal to achieve even higher results.

    neo logo

    Ronalds Liepa
    "Neobirojs.lv" office supplies

    “We are very satisfied with our collaboration with “Omarketing”, because they organise Google AdWords or Google Ads campaign according to our requirements, as well as show interest in joint improvement of results. This collaboration facilitates our work on a daily basis, since we receive professional assistance in relation to the attraction of online customers.”

    bungala facebook

    Sabīne Koklačova
    Presentation advertising agency "Bungala"

    “We like working with “Omarketing”, because this company not only provides us with personalised service, offering customised and suitable solutions, but they also make adjustments quickly, responsively and flexibly.

    latmetals logo

    Renārs Sproģis
    "LATMETĀLS STEEL" acceptance of scrap metal

    "Omarketing team works efficiently and with high quality, which is very important to me. Omarketing leads its customers to the desired goal with maximum return. I also like that the results are easy to view in Google Analytics."

    lspa logo

    Jānis Nicmanis
    Latvian Academy of Sport Education

    “Thanks a lot to the Omarketing team for their work and implementation of Google and Facebook advertising campaigns! Overall, we are satisfied with these advertising activities, and I can foresee further collaboration in the future.”

    Lytagra logo

    Edijs Līkansis
    "Lytagra" agricultural machinery and metal trade

    “We have been working with “Omarketing”, because they offer everything a customer needs, besides, their price is very competitive, and we always seem to agree on everything! Of course, there is always kind and professional attitudes in the course of our collaboration! I would certainly recommend using them!”

    ebaypiegade logo

    Dairis Dimants
    Carriage service "Diamond Transport Solutions"

    Optimisation of an advertising budget is important for every entrepreneur to be able to achieve maximum results with minimum investments. To reach the customer right when they seek the relevant service – this is the advantage of the age of digitalisation. Thanks to “Omarketing” for their assistance in reaching the future customer at the right place and time.”

    Klienta logotips

    Law office "Justeco"

    “In the legal sector, customers frequently start their searches from scratch, therefore we decided to attract visitors through Google. Right away, we felt that interest of new customers was growing, and later it became a stable tendency. Omarketing staff also helped put our website in order and connected the Google Analytics tool.”

    wsp noliktavas logo

    Ēriks Eglītis
    "WSP" warehouse equipment

    “We have been working with Omarketing since January 2015. Having assessed several offers we found the Omarketing solution to be the best. Compared to the previous period, we were able to save 20% of funds, 50% of time and increased the campaign efficiency by 20%. We recommend this company to our cooperation partners.”

    zgailes logo

    Jānis Podnieks
    "ZG Ailes" windows, doors and gates

    “We have been collaborating with “Omarketing” for the third year in a row. Professional, competent and responsive team. Various solutions to improve marketing campaigns are offered. Although there is an uninterrupted flow of offers from other companies on the market, we do not even consider them, because working with the Omarketing professionals is really simple, pleasant, and reliable!”

    zala josta logo

    Laima Kubliņa
    "Zaļā Josta" waste management

    “We are very pleased with the work of “Omarketing” and we highly appreciate the company’s effort towards the achievement of our set goals. Individual approach, careful analysis of customer’s wishes, as well as precision and responsibility in execution of work are especially delightful elements. This collaboration provides our company with the essential competitiveness necessary in these times of the online environment.”

    pilsakmens logo

    Atis Mateisons
    "Pilsakmens" stone processing

    “Previously, we organised Google AdWords or Google Ads campaigns ourselves, and everything seemed to be fine, however, we agreed to undergo the Omarketing free campaign analysis. We received recommendations on improvements and decided to trust the Omarketing professionals. Results improved significantly – number of phone calls and applications of new customers increased.”

    woodpoint logo

    Marina Ruskule
    "Wood point" timber trade

    We have been working with “Omarketing” for several years. We can feel return on advertising investments, we attract new customers, as well as customers who keep purchasing goods and services from us on regular basis, therefore I believe that advertising investments certainly pay off!

    Klienta logotips

    Žanete Reinsone
    Digital content agency "Rich Content"

    “We see our working relationship as a positive one. Omarketing works in a flexible and effective manner. They know what they’re doing, and they are professionals in their field! We like the communication – easy access, quick compliance with instructions, performance of changes. Reports are precise and regular.”

    medeors pluss logo

    Daina Streļča
    Health centre "Medeors pluss"

    “We use “Omarketing”, because we like the service quality and individual approach. Services are always provided in a timely manner, changes on the website and advertising campaigns are made quickly. The company’s specialists are responsive and also provide free consultations and advice, where necessary.”

    Klienta logotips

    Solvita Āre
    Business technology company "Smart Business Solutions"

    “Service is provided at a high professional level. The company’s specialists are responsive and always provide consultations on matters we are interested in. We recommend the company LLC (SIA) “Omarketing” as service providers for a professional, customer-oriented and responsible marketing partner.”

    isc logo

    Uldis Janelsiņš

    “Cooperation with “Omarketing” is interesting, because they are able to provide explanations and precise replies to various questions, furthermore, they provide extensive recommendations for better results. We consider the level of service provided by the LLC (SIA) “Omarketing” to be very good. We work with this company, because we always have the feeling that they know what they’re doing.”

    baltload logo

    Andis Leimanis
    Lifting, fastening and moving equipment "BALT LOAD"

    “We have been working with “Omarketing” for a relatively short period of time, and over this short period, much higher efficiency can be observed both by requests of new customers and visits to our website. It’s important for us that this AdWords or Google Ads campaign really works and that we don’t have to follow it on daily basis. The “Omarketing” team consists of professionals in their field.”

    Klienta logotips

    Olafs Ceplevičš
    Gluing workshop "Auto Dizains"

    "You can definitely feel the increase in demand when the advertisement is active, so I don't see a better alternative where to offer your service to people who need it at that moment. I have been working with Omarketing for some time and I am completely satisfied with them."


    You are only one step away from taking your company’s digital marketing to the next level.

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