Even if you have a wonderful website, ideal campaign settings and carefully selected keywords, you can still significantly improve results by optimising the advertising text. And this also works the other way – unsuccessful advertisements can significantly deteriorate results of an advertising campaign.

When creating your Google advertisements, it is desirable to keep in mind these 2 basic principles – correspondence and attractiveness. If the advertisements are corresponding toyour keywords and really attract the attention of your potential customers, most likely, things will be fine. This is the shortest and briefest formula for good advertising text, but let us review in detail additional things to be taken into account.

Tests are to be performed at all times

This is the first and, possibly, the most important condition. Nobody can surely say which advertisement will be the most efficient before it has been actually tried.

We have faced situations where sometime it seems to an entrepreneur that one particular self-created text will work effectively, but the reality is completely different. Therefore, in order to achieve better results, following actual data is recommended, and not just assumptions.

Of course, if advertisements have been created in a really unsuccessful way, they can be improved by simply using logic and at least basic knowledge about Google Ads principles. However, if we think about the creation of ideal advertisements, those which would provide the highest number of conversions, many variants of advertising text must be tried.

It is important to remember that it must be allowed for each advertisement text to accumulate a sufficient amount of data to be able to make a decision on how successful the text is.

Reklamu tekstu rezultati
If there is a small amount of data, it may just be a coincidence. If there is a large amount of data, it is a regularity.

Advantages must be highlighted

Therefore it is worth asking yourself these questions. What are the main advantages of your product or service? Why should anyone click on your advertisement? Cheap prices, broad range, free trial, quick delivery or perhaps other advantages characteristic only to your company. It should be ascertained which of the benefits or their combinations work best. Thus, create advertisements which stress various strengths, and compare them mutually.

Remember that simple listing of information about yourself and your services or products is not the most efficient solution. You must consider how to really attract the attention of potential customers and if your text looks the same as that of the competitors’, most likely, this will not work.

Optimisation strategy

Beginners frequently make advertisement optimisation process very chaotic. For example, they create 10 various texts in each group of advertisement, wait for a few days and then interrupt 5 of them because of a slightly smaller number of clicks. This is certainly not a good approach to advertising optimisation.

It is important to use a rational advertisement testing strategy. Our recommendation would be to create 2–5 advertisements in each group. Or to try responsive search ad opportunities with several headlines and descriptions.

It is recommended to use as many different texts as possible and focus on various advantages of product or service. Allowing the advertisements work for a period of time and accumulating the necessary amount of data, over time, it will be possible to see what works more efficiently and, based on that, to create new advertisements.

esmu aktivizejis 20 dazadas reklamas


Remember that headlines are those that are the most important part of advertisements. They are the most observable elements. If you try various descriptions with the same headlines, the results will be very similar, and usually such tests will be of no great significance. Therefore, headlines containing various facts and reasons as to why the potential customers should choose your company must be tried.

Logical and emotional side

You already read here, that more efficient advertisements usually focus directly on the advantages of your product/service. People buy the result, and not a way to achieve it. For example, a potential customer who wants to purchase a coffee machine, actually wants to make delicious coffee at home. This is one of the basic marketing principles.

But all people are not equal – some of them might be more interested in particular coffee machine parameters. This is mainly because they have already done their research and know what they are looking for. Therefore, each keyword and each target audience may require different approaches to achieve results.

Therefore, overall, it is recommended to focus on both sides of the human mind in advertisements. Testing these advertisements, which are more emotional as compared to others, more focused on particular facts or indicators, would be a good approach.

emocionala reklama
More emotional advertising text

praktiska reklama
More practical advertising text

Clicks and conversions

Google Ads beginners mainly want to simply receive the maximum number of clicks possible. They are not aware of recording conversions, and even if they test various advertisements, they simply look at VKS (CTR) or other indicators which show the percentage of users who clicked on the advertisement after its appearance. Those with a more serious approach to advertisement optimisation, assess advertisements by their conversion indicators. But the best approach would be assessing both of these indicators.

Let us assume that the advertisement NR1 has a slightly lower conversion rate than the advertisement NR2, while CTR of the advertisement NR1 is much higher – people click on it in a much more active way. Mostly the advertisement No. 1 will be more profitable, because it will allow for more active receipt of conversions thanks to a higher number of clicks. If this word is generally more advantageous to you, you will probably want to obtain from it the maximum possible number of clicks, right?

An ideal approach would be to assess total profit from each advertisement based on both of these indicators.

In conclusion

There is a number of factors determining successful choice of advertising texts for Google Ads or Google AdWords campaigns.

We have worked on hundreds of various advertising campaigns over the years, and we have created thousands of various advertising texts. Therefore we can surely assert that our advertising texts have been created based on the experience and knowledge accumulated over these years.

We will be glad to conduct a free audit of your Google Ads advertising texts to help you understand where and how can we save money and increase revenue from Google ads. Or we will help you create new Google Ads advertising texts, if you do not have any yet.

Feel free to apply for a free consultation to find out more on how exactly we can help you develop business by using Google Ads.

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