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    Why does remarketing work?


    New customers

    Possibility to remind an interested audience about your offer!


    Target audience

    Ads are shown only to an audience to whom your offer is relevant right now!


    Fee for result

    Budget is spent only when the potential customer actually visits your website!


    Analyses options

    Possibility to measure return from the advertising and consequently improve it!



    The possibility to attract customers at comparatively low costs!



    Placing and ad in Google Search, your brand is recognised and noticed!


    Remind your audience about who you are

    Remarketing or repeated marketing is an opportunity to remind or reintroduce yourself to those people who have previously visited your website.

    Obtain a customer

    Many various strategies are possible. One of the most popular strategies is to actively remind those visitors who have spent a certain amount of time on your website (for example - 3 minutes), but have not yet performed the target action, whether it be a purchase, application, registration, or some other interaction. Or to those users who have put some goods in the basket, but have not completed the purchase.

    Remind again

    Often the reason for such an unfinished action is lack of time, therefore, it may be very useful to remind your prospective customers, next time they return to their computers and continue their routine actions on the internet.


    There can be a large spectrum of different strategies, and Remarketing opens up wide possibilities to segment visitors of your website by a variety of parameters.


    Successful examples


    Example #1
    Delivery service received rather large numbers of orders via Google Search advertising. However, options to increase customer flow were studied.
    Result: Remarketing campaign was created, which generated additional orders at bargain costs and with efficiency similar to advertising on Google Search.

    Example #2
    With the help of Google Search and Display Network campaigns, we attract large numbers of relevant visitors to plumbing and heating equipment shops in Latvia and Lithuania.
    Result: Number of website visitors grows every quarter, so does the number of customers visiting the shops, who have initially found information and products on the website.


    Example #3

    We help a credit comparison website obtain a stable flow of applications by using Google Search, Display and Remarketing advertising

    Result: Display advertising on the Google Display Network allows for additional exposure to new customers. By using a repeated marketing, we can again reach the users who were interested, but did not complete their applications.

    Example #4

    By using the tools of Google Search and Display Network campaigns, we promoted and introduced a new anti-rust processing service to the Lithuanian market.

    Result: Within approximately 6 months, we reached the point where the new brand became recognisable and 9 months later, the appointment schedule was fully booked for the upcoming 2-3 weeks.


    You are only one step away from taking your company’s digital marketing to the next level.


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        What is Google Remarketing?

        Google remarketing must be mentioned separately as a part of the Google Display Network, because, within the framework of remarketing campaigns, advertisements are displayed in the same advertising network, i.e., on various websites, which participate in the Google advertising programme.

        The difference is that in remarketing, advertising is displayed not to new potential visitors to your website, but to previous visitors.

        For example, a widespread strategy is to repeatedly remind those visitors to your website, who have previously visited your site, spent a certain amount of time there, but have yet to complete the target action – whether it be a purchase, application, registration, or various other actions..

        In this case, we repeatedly attempt attracting those potential customers, who have shown an interest in your goods/services, but who had not “completed the process” for some reason.

        Various strategies exist, but the main idea is to repeatedly remind those people who have visited your website in the past. Remarketing is especially efficient when advertising websites with a large number of visitors and precisely measurable target actions.

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