We are a digital marketing agency with analytical thinking and a creative approach

“Since 2013, digital marketing agency, Omarketing, is one of the most reliable and experienced Google partners in Latvia and the Baltic States, and has already been recognised by over 100 of our customers in various sectors. Currently, we are serving both large and medium enterprises in Latvia, as well as foreign companies, therefore we have gained good experience in development and analyses of various advertising campaigns. Our team consists of digital marketing and advertising analysis service specialists with several years of experience in the digital marketing sector. Our customers frequently admit that the achieved results and our service significantly exceeded their expectations. Because Omarketing means – Get more than expected!”


Our approach

Purposeful actions

We always try to prepare the best advertising strategies and solutions together with the customer to strive jointly towards the achievement of their goals.

Analytical thinking

When building an advertising campaign, the most important thing is not just to create and activate, but also to follow results and perform the necessary changes and improvements based on the obtained data

Flexible conditions

We do not impose strict contractual obligations on our customers, because our customers want to continue working with us as they are satisfied and happy with the collaboration.

Outstanding service

We want to see that each of our customers feels that they have received more than expected, therefore we carefully listen to our customers and do our job in a careful, responsible, and responsive manner.

Meet our team

Miks Brauns

Owner of the company/CEO

Lauris Pētersons

Business manager/CEO

Kaspars Kaleba

Sales Manager

Beāte Kaleba

Digital Marketing Specialist

Reinis Rocēns

Digital Marketing Specialist

Francis Upaciers

Digital Marketing Specialist

Arnolds Sponbergs

Digital Marketing Specialist

Maksims Miščenko

Website developer

Kate Zviedre

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mairita Jermolajeva

Digital Marketing Specialist

Karīna Krumeņa

Digital Marketing Specialist

Regīna Ivanova

Digital Marketing Specialist


You are only one step away from taking your company’s digital marketing to the next level.